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Operating Engineers Apprenticeship and Training Program

Operating Engineers Apprenticeship and Training Program

The Western Pennsylvania Operating Engineers Joint Apprenticeship & Training Program is a four year on-the-job training program consisting of five to seven weeks each year of classroom and training site time.

Terms of Apprenticeship:

  • Minimum accumulation of 4,000 on-the-job training hours
  • Apprentices will be paid at the negotiated apprenticeship rate for on-the-job training based on the class of machine being operated

Qualification Requirements of the Program:

  • Be at least 18 at the time of acceptance into the Program.
  • Reside in one of the 33 counties of Western Pennsylvania or Columbiana, Mahoning or Trumbull counties in Ohio.
  • Have a high school diploma or GED.
  • Have a valid driver's license.
  • Submit a non-refundable fee of $25 with each application.
  • Have dependable transportation.
  • Pass a Department of Transportation physical exam.
  • Pass a drug test - Drug use is not tolerated in the construction industry where safety is a life and death issue.

Western PA Operating Engineers JATC

457 Christopher Road
New Alexandria, PA 15670

Contact: Steve Columbus - Apprenticeship Administrator
Phone: (724) 668-2244
Website: www.wpaoperators.org

The training site is located in New Alexandria, PA. They have 48 pieces of equipment, with a value of $1.9 million, and 137 acres of land available for instructional purposes. Overall, the Operating Engineers spend $1.5 million per year on their apprentices & journeymen.

Operating Engineers Apprenticeship and Training Program

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Operating Engineers Apprenticeship and Training Program


Wood and supplementary materials are used by a carpenter to assemble and construct forms for concrete structures. Projects carpenters in the heavy and highway industry work on include bridges, retaining walls, tunnels, subways, drainage structures, hydro-electric developments, locks, dams and sewage treatment projects.


A cement mason is employed to place, finish, smooth, protect, and repair exposed concrete surfaces, such as sidewalks, driveways, roads, and dams. Concrete is a common and durable material used in heavy and highway construction comprised of a mixture of cement, sand, gravel and water.


Laborers are utilized throughout several phases of the heavy and highway construction industry. They are employed to work with small heavy equipment, hand, power and air tools, in trenching and shoring projects, traffic control, soil compaction, and a multitude of additional assigned tasks.

Operating Engineers

An operating engineer oversees the operation, maintenance and repair of heavy construction equipment including cranes, backhoes, loaders, scrapers and bulldozers. This type of equipment is essential in the heavy and highway construction industry in the creation of roads, dams, bridges and airports.